SlimArt Tattoo is a tattoo studio located in Berlin, Germany. Established in November 3, 2011, SlimArt TattooStudio builds a cozy and creative environment to enhance a good atmosphere of creativity for the tattoo artists and clients. Just recently in December 2018, we open a new twin-shop of SlimArt  TattooStudio in Berlin area, Germany.

According to our love to tattoo art and our concern to health risks related with tattoo, all of our tattoo artists and assistants are tattooing and working with full understanding of international health standard for tattooing, qualified and experienced on their area.

The art always comes first and any tattoo design should suit the person and the body; so we always recommend custom works tattoo for the best and more personal result (and design consultation is free), although we also welcome walk-ins whenever we have time available.

We are working in a clean and hygiene workstations and environment. Using sterile disposable needles, tips and clean equipment with advanced medical sterilizing equipment. Using only international standard, high-quality tattoo inks from of the most well-known and well-respected brands in the industry.